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Olive’s Erik Norsted Shares Content Marketing Expertise

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One of the advantages of working in the marketing hub of Minneapolis is the wealth of knowledge our colleagues have to offer. Olive & Company is always ready to swap marketing strategies and share tactics that make our agency and clients successful—which is why we were thrilled when we were called upon to do just that.

Mike Frahm of Minneapolis content marketing agency, Snap Agency, asked area digital marketing specialists to share their content expertise. Olive’s vice president and director of digital strategy, Erik Norsted, had plenty to offer. Frahm sought insights into “content’s process within an organization and how it’s solving (or causing) rifts within the marketing world.” He compiled the answers into a piece loaded with important content marketing advice.

Erik’s segment was in great company with other contributors including Ryan Carlson of The Nerdery, Tyler Larson of Imagwerks, Jess Lowenberg of Best Buy, and Claire DeBerg.

Check out the piece here:

The original article is no longer available.

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