The 8 Pillars of Modern Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Modern Marketing, a holistic, adaptive methodology, is at the forefront of everything we do at Olive & Company. It’s top of mind when we’re planning a campaign, it’s the motive for critical decisions, it’s infused into our designs. The 8 pillars of Modern Marketing guide us as we formulate, implement, and maintain strategies for our clients and for our own brand.

Why does Olive believe so strongly in this powerful methodology? It aligns perfectly with our marketing beliefs. Modern Marketing allows us to stay at the forefront of advanced strategies, but not just for the sake of being new. Understanding modern trends and tactics and how to wield them effectively helps our brand reach and resonate with modern audiences. We trust in Modern Marketing because it has worked for other brands and, especially, because it has worked for us. Its success is also backed by a wealth of data that makes its effectiveness hard to ignore.

We’ve compiled key data supporting Modern Marketing into an easy-to-digest infographic so you can see the goal of each pillar and the numbers supporting them.


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Once you’ve checked out—and pinned—our infographic, dive deeper into the 8 pillars of Modern Marketing with our free ebook —The Definitive Guide to Modern Marketing. After downloading our ebook you’ll be well on your way to incorporating Modern Marketing into your own brand’s strategies.

Olive & Company

Olive & Company

Founded in 2003, Olive & Company has dedicated our existence to a single purpose: providing finely tuned Modern Marketing solutions that drive brands and deliver business results. By helping brands stay in tune with emerging trends and technology, we give them the tools they need to adapt and refine their strategies to better engage and inspire their audiences.