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The Importance of Responsive Email Design

Have you ever read your email on a smart phone or tablet? If you’re lucky, you can easily read and respond on your mobile device. All too often, however, the font is tiny, multiple columns make it impossible to understand the message and huge images take up unnecessary real estate on a small screen.

Your website may be responsive — it senses and appropriately reacts to the device accessing it — but if you think designing your email campaign to be responsive is a waste of time, you’re missing the boat.

Thirty six percent of all email opens are on a mobile device, according to a Knotice Email Opens Report. And the number is growing. The number of emails opened on a mobile device has increased 80 percent in the last six months, according to Litmus. Check your own email tracking statistics to see just how many of your subscribers are using mobile devices.

Emails are different than websites, but there are still ways to make them responsive for mobile devices. Not only does responsive design improve the user’s experience, it makes them more likely to take action and respond.

You Can’t Respond To What You Can’t See

  • Use a larger font size so your message is easily read on a small screen.
  • Use touch-friendly buttons so “fat fingers” don’t frustrate and prevent a response.
  • Make sure your calls to action are prominent and easily clickable.
  • A one-column layout can be read on screen without having to scroll.
  • Make sure you have a good balance of appropriately-sized images to text.
  • If images are disabled on a device, be sure you have descriptive text where an image would be. The style may be lost, but the substance is still there.

Why Responsive Design?

The use of responsive design in your email marketing campaigns can double their effectiveness, but not the cost. That is certainly the mark of an efficient marketing campaign. You’ll also be able to provide compelling content, no matter what the medium or device used to read your message.

Most importantly, users now expect responsive design. An increasing number of organizations are using responsive email design. If you’re not, you’re getting left behind.

Think about the goals of and audience for your email marketing campaign. If a significant percentage of your target audience is opening your email on a mobile device, it’s worth a little extra time to make your emails responsive so they help you achieve your email marketing goals. Make it happen.

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