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Holiday Marketing Series Day 11: Landing Pages

We’re getting our holiday giving started a bit early this year. Our first gift to you? This 12-day blog series designed to help you get through your seasonal marketing without a hitch. If you’re just joining us, you can start at the beginning here.

Many brands rely on a landing page to serve as the hub for an entire holiday marketing campaign. Direct mail, email, and paid search all drive to this central location. Essentially, it has the capacity to act as the payoff to all of your seasonal marketing efforts, so you have to make it count.

The key to this is making sure the page aligns with all of your other pieces. Promotions should be featured prominently and those seasonal elements you threaded throughout the aesthetic of your campaign should be present on the page as well. Consistency helps build brand equity from the first touchpoint of the season to the moment that crystal ball drops. Wells Fargo achieved this consistency by using a landing page to display their holiday greetings for email recipients who clicked on a CTA to open their card.


Search efforts are another area that should remain consistent into your landing page. Just as you optimized your paid search campaign for seasonal terms, your landing page should follow suit. Make sure those holiday keywords make their way to your titles, headlines, and metadata. Not only will this ensure a cohesive experience for users who click on paid search ads, it will help your brand stand out in unpaid searches as well.

Another aspect of an optimized holiday landing page is a clear path to conversion. Whether it’s attending an online event, to your live-action party, or downloading an egift, the intended action should be clear. Better yet, that action should be tied to a lead-gen form, giving your sales team the gift of delighted leads.

You may also want to consider a secondary action to drive users to additional relevant content. For instance, if a user downloaded an ebook, you can direct them to further thought leadership on your blog. If they’ve just accessed a promo code, consider showcasing popular products they can save on. The secondary action may also help spread the reach of your holiday campaign. Prompt users to share their experience via social media. This may not make sense in the case of a party invite, but coupon codes, infographics, videos, egfits, and online events are all popular and highly shareable.

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Eliza Green

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