Holiday Series: 12 Days of Multi-Channel Marketing—Email

We’re getting our holiday giving started a bit early this year. Our first gift to you? This 12-day blog series designed to help you get through your seasonal marketing without a hitch. If you’re just joining us, you can start at the beginning here.

Email isn’t exactly a well-kept secret in holiday marketing. A recent study showed email volume increases by 46 percent in the fourth quarter. Despite the spike in communications, customers are still listening, and may be listening even more intently. The same study showed an increase in open rates with these holiday/winter themed emails. That doesn’t mean you can slap a snowflake on your template and call it good enough.

Your holiday emails should stand out amongst the increased inbox volume while still supporting your overarching holiday campaign goals. The email should contain content your readers care about presented in a way that hooks their attention from the moment they read the subject line.

If you’re offering special holiday pricing, lead with that. If you’re simply sending happy holiday wishes, make sure they’re intriguing enough to draw the reader in, or, better yet, pass along to others. Try turning the message into a narrative that reveals a glimpse into your brand’s personality. (We did this for ourselves last year, and it was a big hit.)

Holiday email marketing examples

Playful animations and designs that reflect a new facet of your identity are another way to invite readers into your email content. While this is your chance to have a little fun, make sure you don’t stray too far outside your brand guidelines. Your readers need to make the connection to your brand if the email is going to build any equity for your organization.

You can also use email to promote and share some of the other holiday marketing tactics we’ll cover later in this series. Infographicsmobile games, contests, ebooks, and videos are all great devices to get audiences excited about what you have to say in your holiday emails.

Whatever format you choose to augment your message, make sure to incorporate a clear call to action for your readers. The action may be as simple as sharing the email via social channels with a unique hashtag. If your product buying cycle allows, encourage readers to buy now to take advantage of your holiday promotion. For longer buyer journeys, encourage readers to visit a themed landing page with a form designed to increase leads your sales team can follow up on in the new year.

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