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Holiday Marketing Series Day 2: Gifts

We’re getting our holiday giving started a bit early this year. Our first gift to you? This 12-day blog series designed to help you get through your seasonal marketing without a hitch. If you’re just joining us, you can start at the beginning here.

Nothing says holiday like gift giving, but it can be an expensive endeavor, which means you have to make it count. A great holiday gift reflects both your brand and the recipient. Yes, in theory, a gift should be about the recipient, but in this case, it’s a marketing investment. And, your efforts should yield a return for your brand equity.

Everyone loves a big tin of cheesy caramel popcorn or a gift basket stuffed with goodies, but, unless you manufacture that popcorn or bake those butter cookies, the gift doesn’t say much about your organization. On the flip side, a branded tschotske might literally have your brand all over it, but if it’s not something the giftee wants or needs, it’s going to get thrown in a drawer or the trash and forgotten.

A well-done holiday gift balances your brand ego with the giftee’s id. A calendar may keep your brand in front of your customer in the year to come, but it should be attractive enough that they’ll enjoy looking at it for 365 days. A cash rebate may allow the recipient to pick out exactly what they want, but it doesn’t necessarily keep your brand top of mind as they spend it, unless it’s very special company bucks for your product.

It is possible to give a gift that leans more heavily toward your brand or the giftee, if done well. The Olive storybook we created a few years ago essentially served as a brochure, but the execution was so ingenious that our clients happily displayed them in their offices. A similar example would be a wrapping paper set that subtly incorporates your brand into an intricate pattern your clients would be thrilled to wrap around their own gifts.


If the gift itself doesn’t meet both requirements, the way you package it can make all the difference. Include a personalized note that ties the gift theme back to your brand and holiday campaign. Gift an app or an ebook through an email that aligns with holiday email best practices. This route comes with the added bonus of saving on shipping costs.

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