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Effective Email Marketing Copy: You’ve Got to Write it Right

Want to write effective email marketing copy that will make your audience jump?

Start with a subject line just like that! It’s specific, speaks directly to your reader and gives them an immediate reason to take action. In this case, that action is reading your email message. So when you want to write effective email marketing copy, what are some things to keep in mind?

  • When writing an email marketing message, the most important thing to keep in mind is what’s in it for the reader.
  • Know what you need to say and just say it. Keep it short, easy to read and understandable. To that end, stay away from industry jargon.
  • Highlight your key points using headlines, bullets and numbered lists. Once you’ve got people reading your message, you’ve got about 20 seconds to get them to take action. Don’t make readers search for your point, draw their eyes straight to the meat.
  • Give your readers multiple ways to take action – click here for the rest of the article, buy today to take advantage of this special offer, share on Facebook or Twitter, etc.
  • Make it mobile! Thirty-six percent of email opens are on a mobile device. Make sure you’re serving up content where your audience wants to read it. This includes using responsive design as part of your email marketing to make it easy for your audience to consume your content.
  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar. At least one other set of eyes should carefully read every email before you hit the send button.

Email Speak

However you decide to represent your business with words, make sure you’re authentic and conversational. Decide on the voice of your brand and be consistent across all communications channels. This is especially important when your emails are part of a series. Be clear on the purpose of your email – a promotional email is going to have a different goal and message than an informational newsletter, for example. Remember, email marketing should be part of your overall content strategy.

Target, Test and Refine

Email marketing is a great tool for many reasons, not the least of which is that it brings with it a lot of user data. Personalize, segment and target your email marketing as specifically as possible. Use A/B testing to compare subject lines, content and multiple calls to action.

Who are you and what do you have to say? Find your voice, stick with it, clearly and concisely lay out your goals in your email communications and give readers a compelling reason to take action and an immediate way to do so. With those elements, you’ll have successful email marketing content each and every time you click send.

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