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The Modern Marketer’s Toolbox: Design Newsletters

Every day Olive gains new design information from an array of wonderful newsletters. In the Minnesota nice spirit, we’re sharing some of our favorites. Subscribe to these email newsletters and you’ll have useful design tools, articles, tutorials, deals, and links sent directly to your inbox. Included is a daily link blog, an “interestingness digest,” a local designer’s newsletter, and a weekly list of “must-reads,” among others.

Our Favorite Design Newsletters


Daily linkblog Sidebar compiles the five “best” design links on the Internet every day and sends them straight to your inbox. It’s a simple, fun way to gather information and to discover some pretty cool links.

Web Designer Depot

Check out Web Designer Depot for the week’s most popular design links. Subscribe and you’ll be on your way to new resources, stellar deals, and unique redesigns.

The Smashing Newsletter

Every two weeks Smashing Magazine publishes a fabulous newsletter bursting with informative articles, unique tutorials, and interesting design sites so you don’t have to seek out all the best design information on your own. Following subscription, you’ll also receive The Smashing Editor’s Choice, a free ebook containing the best articles from Smashing Magazine’s ebook library – an informative treat!

Brain Pickings Weekly

Do you wish to be more inspired, motivated, and inquisitive? There’s a newsletter to accomplish and indulge the aforementioned goals. Brain Pickings, a Sunday “interestingness digest,” contains thoughtful stories, visual wonders, and alluring pieces, many of which aim to really make you think.


When the SitePoint newsletter reaches your inbox, you’ll instantly have access to an array of wonderful articles written for the design professional. For all the web developers out there, subscribe to Versioning by SitePoint, a daily email with news, links, and a dash of witty humor to brighten your day.

UX Weekly

The goal of UX Weekly is simple: to deliver five must-reads each week so you don’t have to go through the tiring process of sorting through the web yourself. This weekly blast keeps you up-to-date on the design industry with clear headlines, simple descriptions, and their most unique feature, the previous week’s most popular link.

SpyreStudios Weekly Roundup

SpyreStudios Weekly Roundup is a newsletter you’ll want in your inbox every week (trust us). Packed with examples of innovative design, lists of useful design tools, freebie offers, and knowledgeable advice, you can’t go wrong by subscribing. Scroll to the bottom of their webpage to sign-up, and don’t forget to follow them on social media for frequent updates.

Co.Design Daily

If you read Olive’s Weekly Reading List it’s no surprise that we love Fast Company and their Co.Design Newsletter. Their unique, innovative, and captivating stories feature must-read topics and essential design news.


This retail newsletter provides inspiring visuals for aesthetic insight right to your inbox. We also love ALDO’s and Urban Outfitters’ newsletters for the same reason!

UX THOUGHT of the Day

Sometimes, a single thought can take a project to the next level. Every day, ponder a new thought, or inspire your followers on social media, with UX THOUGHT of the day. If you don’t have time to read through lengthy newsletters and design articles, this is the subscription for you.

Speckyboy Newsletter

We love Speckyboy’s weekly newsletter because they send out select resources for designers and developers every week. Complete with appealing visuals and brief descriptions, their links are a great representation of what resources are available on the web.

Nielsen Norman Group Alertbox

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox email newsletter sends one email every week summarizing the latest Nielsen articles, important UX research, and notable events for designers. A simple and quick design read.

HOW Newsletter

Offering a little taste of their subscription magazine, HOW’s graphic design newsletter has a range of content covering: “creativity exercises, design inspiration, business and career tips, targeted freelance design advice and the latest industry trends and scoop on new exclusive online content.” They also offer some design courses that require a fee, but will certainly offer useful knowledge.

Print Newsletter

Print Magazine’s newsletter is packed with articles, courses, and contest information about visual culture and design. An informative read from a popular design publication. Also, check out Print’s The Daily Heller from acclaimed designer Steven Heller. The newsletter features a new article each day, which is always unique in topic and filled with compelling visuals.

Web Tools Weekly

Web Tools Weekly features a multitude of tools for web designers and developers. From JavaScript frameworks and libraries to Git tools to uncategorized links, you’re covered on the resource front from this once-a-week publication. We also love their weekly Tweet for Thought, a tidbit of inspiration in 140 characters or less.

HackingUI Weekly

The UX of HackingUI Weekly will surely impress the social media mavens in all of you. It features a simple list of tweetable links that are organized by hashtags for curious designers and developers.

Design + Code

In a rapidly progressing design field, there are constantly new resources to cover the new range tasks you must complete. Design + Code sends a weekly list of resources for both design and code, keeping you up-to-date with everything that’ll help you complete your job efficiently.

Graphic Design Blender

We recommend Graphic Design Blender for aspiring and freelance designers. The newsletter offers the tips you’ll need to get your career started in design, as well as solid advice on working with clients once your freelance career is off the ground.

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