A Quick-Turn Product Launch Worthy of Coloplast Innovation

With a yet-to-be named product ready to launch in the U.S. and the largest sales convention of the year just around the corner, a Denmark-based medical device company relied on Olive & Company to design a complete campaign from the name up.

More than 60 years ago, a young nurse’s desire to improve her sister’s quality of life led to groundbreaking innovation in ostomy care. That innovation soon grew into an international medical device company. One that, all these years later, upholds the mission of their founder, developing a portfolio of products designed to “make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs.” Based in Denmark with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, Coloplast works with researchers, physicians, and product designers to bring ostomy care, continence care, surgical urology, wound care, and skin care products to market. ALTIS_COLOPLAST_EMBED_IMAGE.jpg

The Challenge: Quickly Making Room in the Middle

The good news? Coloplast had just received FDA approval for an innovative new female urinary incontinence sling. The not-so good news? The approval had come just before their annual national sales conference. This meant there was very little time to put together a launch campaign that would generate excitement among the sales team and give them the tools they’d need to sell the product.

The timeline wasn’t the only hurdle we’d need to overcome in launching the new mini sling. The product needed a name, messaging, and visuals that would fit within Coloplast’s existing line of of slings. What’s more, this new sling fell into the center of the current product family. A unique challenge that meant the campaign would need to introduce the mini sling as a new product while positioning it carefully between the existing Supris and Aris slings.

The newness of the product itself would prove to be the last obstacle Coloplast would need to overcome in introducing the mini sling. While the product would bring exciting, never-before-seen features to the marketplace, marketing language around these features was sparse, and the Coloplast team would have little to no time to provide meaningful context to Olive. We would have to translate the dry, scientific product description into messaging that would inspire the sales team as well as the physicians using the products.

The Solution: Dive Deep, Dive Fast

Olive wasted no time diving into the product to understand exactly what set it apart from other slings in the marketplace, including those already in the Coloplast portfolio. Once our team had a firm understanding of the mini sling itself, we set to work developing a name that would illustrate these innovative features while staying true to the existing family name conventions. Thus, Altis was born. Playing off the consonance of the “is” ending of both Supris and Aris, Altis alludes to the relief the product brings to the patients who use it.

With the name in place, we moved onto the development of an ad campaign that would serve as the cornerstone for the product launch. The campaign was designed to introduce the Altis mini sling and its innovative features without overshadowing the rest of the portfolio, which would maintain an important position in the marketplace. The ads established a theme, “Even less is more,” and imagery that would be carried through a variety of other pieces, including a microsite, and, the last component of the Altis campaign, the sales launch booklet.

Because they are designed to quickly synthesize and clearly communicate a great deal of in-depth product information, launch booklets are not traditionally the most exciting elements of a campaign. The Altis campaign, however, could not be considered a traditional product launch. The breakthrough design of the mini sling had the potential to position Coloplast well ahead of their competitors in the marketplace, but, in order for the launch to be successful, sales would need to be just as passionate about it as the product and marketing teams were.

Olive created a piece that would build this enthusiasm, highlighting the campaign theme and product information with beautifully designed details. A laser-cut cover simulated the mesh of the sling while a soft-touch coating alluded to the innovative, soft fabric used to improve patient comfort.

The Results: A Confident Launch

Representing both technological innovation and the beauty of the product, every piece of the campaign, from the name to the sales booklet, positioned Coloplast for a successful launch. With each element buttoned up in time for the conference, the campaign galvanized the sales team, sending them into the field confident and prepared to share the exciting product with physicians across the U.S.