2013 Email Marketing Trends – Are You On Track?

We’re now solidly into the year 2013, and we’re seeing some definite trends in email marketing. Before you hit Q2, it’s important to analyze your marketing efforts and make sure your email marketing is on track to lead and innovate ahead of your competition. Here are a few of the trends we’ve spotted:


A recent report from Knotice states that 41 percent of emails were opened on a mobile device during the second half of 2012. That number is expected to rise rapidly this year. Take a look at your statistics to determine how many subscribers are viewing your emails on mobile devices and make sure everything you publish is responsive. Your readers’ viewing experience should be optimized for any platformthey now expect nothing less.


Even if you emails aren’t built “responsively,” meaning that the layout changes depending upon the device and screen size, they still should be optimized for mobile. You want your text to be legible, buttons and links to be large and layout to be easy to read so your on-the-go audience can take immediate action regardless of the device they’re using.


The same principles that make an email mobile-optimized apply to all emails. Make your design, your content and your call to action simple and clear. Get to the point quickly and give your audience an immediate and obvious path to take.


It’s no longer super neat to see your own name in a mass email. What is super neat? When you use your data to segment lists and tailor your email marketing to each specific segment. If you’ve got access to great data, use it to create smarter messages.

Triggered Emails

Take personalization to the next level by responding to an action your reader has taken. For example, a user registers for a free trial, but has been inactive in the weeks since they signed up. This triggers a customized email to encourage the user to take advantage of their free trial and expands on the features they could be taking advantage of. The email content depends on each trigger, but sophisticated cross-channel campaigns have the potential to be targeted, personalized, timely and much more effective.

Don’t Fear the Scroll

Longer emails don’t mean more copy or clutter. If you use a smart content hierarchy, you can get people interested in your message and conquer their fear of scrolling.

Web Fonts

Unique web fonts can add an attention-grabbing HTML email design element without requiring additional images. “Web fonts aren’t fully supported, but they do fall back to standard fonts gracefully,” according to Erik Norsted, our Digital Strategist.

Timing is Everything

There are no longer hard and fast rules for optimal email send times primarily due to the rise of mobile email opens. Test and analyze to find out if your unique audience opens afternoon email blasts or prefers to peruse on Sunday night.

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